We want to share the opportunities Wiseplay offers, this is the reason we open our player to all developers interested in taking advantage of its enormous possibilities. This allows any app to use our player in an external way.

To facilitate the process, we have created a library very easy to integrate in your Android projects.

This library consists on a single JAR file you have to include in your app:


External Player

To download a video link in Wiseplay, you just have to include the following code fragment:

Wiseplay.Media media = new Wiseplay.Media(“http://url”);
Wiseplay.launch(context, media);
In addition, the library allows to configure some additional playing parameters, as the hardware acceleration or the subtitles loading.

Next, we’ll specify all the available playing parameters up to date:

To activate or deactivate the hardware acceleration in video playing, regardless of Wiseplay configuration.

media.setHardwareAcceleration(boolean enable)
The same case as the one before but regarding the hardware acceleration in audio playing.

media.setOpenSLES(boolean enable)
To configure the origin URL of a video. This is a necessary parameter to process some links of certain video servers.

media.setReferer(String url)
To configure the URL of the subtitles shown during the playing. The URL must point to an available folder in the device.

media.setSubtitleUrl(String url)

External Cast

If you are interested in including DLNA or Chromecast compatibility in your app via Wiseplay, the process is very similar to the player, with just some few changes.

Wiseplay.Media media = new Wiseplay.Media(“http://url”);
Wiseplay.launchCast(context, media);
About the additional parameters, the only one that applies regarding to the cast is “setReferer”, as the rest are only valid for the player.
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