Wiseplay’s browser has been designed for you to browse through your favorite pages with videos and make easy to play them and to cast them to your TV.

Follow this simple steps to make the most of this browser:

Access your favorite web with streaming videos.
First, you will notice that browsing is much more comfortable as the browser includes a powerful pop-ads blocker.

When you find a video link you want to play, just click on it. Two things may happen:
– If the link is compatible it will automatically start playing.
– It shows the video within the web. In this case, hit Play and, in a few seconds, an icon will appear in the action bar that will allow you to cast the video to Wiseplay’s native player.

If you want to cast videos to Chromecast from the browser:

Connect your device clicking on the Chromecast icon.
Browse through your favorite pages of streaming videos and click on the link of your choice.
When Wiseplay detects a compatible video it will ask if you want to start casting it.
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