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What is the Wiseplay Web Browser for?

The Wiseplay browser is designed to browse your favorite video pages and designed to make it easier for you to play and send your videos to Chromecast.

Take advantage of the browser power

1. Access your favorite web of streaming videos.

2. The first thing you are going to notice is that browsing is much more convenient and secure since the browser includes a powerful popup ad blocker.

3. When you find the video link you want to play click on it. 2 things can happen.

That the link is compatible and start playing automatically.
That the video is displayed on a player within the web. In that case, press Play and in a few seconds an icon will appear in the “actionbar” that will allow you to send the video to the native Wiseplay player.

Send to Chromecast from the browser

Connect to your device by clicking on the Chromecast icon.
Browse your favorite pages of streaming videos and click on the video link you like.
When Wiseplay detects a compatible video it will ask if you want to start sending to Chromecast.

Updated on: 25/10/2019

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