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Why are there ads after I upgraded to Premium?

The first thing to check is if you are logged in with more than one Google account, the app may be opening with an account from which you do not have the payment assigned.

To do this, uninstall the app, open Google Play and in the left side menu, choose the correct account with which you made the purchase, once selected, reinstall the app and open the application.

To make sure you're using the premium version, in the side menu, you'll see that the "Remove ads" option does not appear, in addition to the "premium" text below the logo.

If once this is done, ads still appear, please follow these recommendations from Google:

- Check that the device is correctly connected to the Internet.
- Force app stop from settings and reopen it.
- Check that the payment has been made correctly from Google Play.
- Restart your device.
- Update the version of Google Play.
- Check that the date and time of the device is correct.

More detailed information at: Google Support

If after having checked all the points, ads still appear, please contact us again with the transaction number and the email of the account from where you made the purchase to issue a refund.

Remember that “embed” links can show some type of ad since they are pages that are loading in the web browser, that advertising depends on the website and it is not possible to block it. The "embed" links are indicated in the lists with a "square" and an arrow. Wiseplay does not include or provide content, everything you load in the application is your responsibility.

Updated on: 30/05/2022

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